Questions to ask your DJ before your wedding

citas web sin registrarse The months leading up to your wedding can be stressful. Whether you are still making last minute plans, or finding out you need to change some plans, you can begin to feel overwhelmed. To help take a little stress off of your plate, here are the best questions to ask your DJ before your event.

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browse this site 1. What suggestions does the DJ have for the new couple’s entry into the reception hall?

site web Don’t make this a last minute plan. Many brides and grooms have an idea of how they want to enter the reception hall to impress their friends and family, but this needs to be well-coordinated, and scripted, with your DJ. Since the DJ has seen many entries, it is a good idea to ask him or her what’s worked and what hasn’t. 2. Are there any special considerations the DJ should be aware of with your song list? Ensure your DJ knows exactly which songs you want to hear–and which version. Are you hoping to play only the “clean” versions of the song, a remix? “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” has a very different feel between Julie Garland and IZ.

pop over to this site 3. Have you played our venue before? If not, are there special considerations?

rencontres litteraires bastia Each venue poses unique challenges and you DJ will let you know the best spot to set up for sound quality. It’s a good idea to give your DJ the name and contact information for your venue so they can get the floor plan and ask any questions.

Schnee the DJ specializes in pre-planning for your event. If you have any questions about your special day or any other considerations, please contact Schnee at 847-924-4004.

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